• Guest Post: Creativity in the Christian Life by Hannah Rowen Fry

    January 9, 20242.8 min

    When you think about spiritual disciplines, what comes to mind? For me, the actions of prayer and solitude, and the feelings of obligation and piety […]

  • Gratitude in 2024 Using “The Way of Gratitude” by Hannah Rowen Fry

    January 4, 20242.5 min

    Gratitude is really the cornerstone of live when you think about it. Being grateful helps me get out of my own way, my own head, […]

  • Let’s Eat: Talking Food With Iowa Foodie Girl, Holly Duenas

    December 9, 20233.6 min

    I started my foodie page just this past Spring! I had a couple of good friends tell me I should start a page for awhile […]

  • A New Blog, A New Month, & A New Prayer

    December 1, 20231.1 min
  • 12 Things I’m Lovin’ this Winter

    October 20, 20230.5 min

    Winter somehow snuck in over night & these are the 12 things I am using and loving right now to stay comfy, warm, and sane!

  • Spinning the Wheel with Jennifer Fujimoto

    October 17, 20235.4 min

    Thank you so much for the invitation to share a little about myself and my work, Haley! My name is Jennifer Fujimoto and I make whimsical ceramic art and functional decor inspired by Japanese folk art. 

  • Unwinding With Author Lisa May Bennett

    October 10, 20235.7 min

    What did the beginning of your final steps into sobriety look like? I had been thinking about my relationship with alcohol for a couple years. […]

  • How To Motivate & Stay Sane

    October 9, 20230.5 min

    Okay, like there is just so much to do in the day. Sometimes I truly wonder where the time goes. I often feel like if I don't squeeze every minute out of the day than I am doing something very wrong, but the truth is...I'm not.

  • Fall In Love With Romance Writer, Ashley Weston

    October 6, 20235.9 min

    I have learned a lot about the true meaning of love. And you cannot truly love someone deeply without loving yourself first.

  • In Conversation With Graphic Artists Darrin Bell and Elodie Durand

    September 27, 20233.1 min

    This afternoon, I attended a virtual reading as part of the Six Bridges Book Festival with writers and graphic artists, Darrin Bell and Elodie Durand. […]

  • Talking Shop with Des Moines Store Owner, Chloe Bratvold

    September 25, 20231.6 min

    What’s the origin story with Preloved Luxe? I have always purchased second hand for myself since I can remember especially designer handbags! I love a good deal, but […]

  • Small Business Owner, The Boho Vase’s Maria Wagoner, Shares Her Story

    September 20, 20235.3 min

    I create all day long. My mind never stops going. I will create at the store when I'm here & make the arrangements or redo store displays. I also have my painting area at home, so in my free time I will paint vases there too!

  • There is Vulnerability In Here

    September 15, 20232.5 min

    We seek to make a home, perfected by adjusted shams, color-coded books, and extravagant placement of items because if everything appears just so, then maybe we will to.

  • Interview With Author of “Our Place On The Island” Erika Marks

    July 10, 20235.7 min

    I’ve always wanted to write a novel set around a wedding—but what if the bride was a beloved, widowed matriarch and her groom was someone the gossips were calling “the one who got away” fifty years earlier? How would her daughter feel about that? What about her granddaughter?

  • Friday Prayer

    July 22, 20221.3 min

      “I do not understand the mystery of grace–only that it meets us where we are and does not leave us where it found us.”  […]

  • On Target

    July 21, 20220.8 min

    Today’s blog is a short one and something I first started thinking about last week. I want to do shorter posts on here that will […]

  • What I’m Digging…Lavender

    July 20, 20220.7 min

    How do you feel about lavender? I remember the first time I smelled lavender and how addictive that scent was for me. It quickly become […]

  • The Mantra Hack

    July 19, 20221.6 min

    Ya’ll I am so excited to share this hack with ya’ll! When I think about it, it’s less of a hack and more of something […]

  • Nantucket + A Family Drama

    July 17, 20222.5 min

    I am loving these last two books! When it comes to 28 Summers by Elin Hilderbrand let me tell you a little something about this […]

  • Friday Prayer

    July 15, 20221.1 min

    Dear God, We come to you and we ask you to really remove any doubt from the minds of those who are struggling to just […]

  • Faith Without Works Is Dead

    July 14, 20221.8 min

    Do you know this saying from the rooms of AA? I do! It just came to me this morning though when I was thinking about […]

  • I’m Digging…Self-Care

    July 13, 20221.6 min

      Self-care is not the absence of someone else. When you’re in a long-distance relationship it’s easy to feel like you always want to be […]

  • Putting On My Face

    July 12, 20223 min

    There’s nothing quite like feeling that particular positivity that comes from catching your reflection in just the right light. You think: who is she? I […]

  • Jennifer Weiner Tackles The #MeToo Movement

    July 10, 20221.1 min

    That Summer, by Jennifer Weiner, is at once a novel of desire, growing-up, damage, and the power of speaking-up. This is easily one of my […]

  • Friday Prayer

    July 8, 20221.4 min

    Dear God, Thank you for always providing. When we read the Bible, we know that you have written a book for us and that you […]

  • The New Bed Frame

    July 7, 20221.3 min

    Ya’ll do you ever think about the energy attached to certain items? I am fairly aware of the energetic exchange between people, but oftentimes I […]

  • I’m Digging…Arkansas Addition!

    July 6, 20223 min

    I am super excited to share a bunch of the places my girlfriend and I went during my trip to Arkansas. I had never been […]

  • How Grocery Shopping With $25 Changed My Narrative On Finances

    July 5, 20224.7 min
  • Two Travel Worthy Books!

    July 3, 20221.5 min

    If you’re looking for two books that would make the perfect travel companions look no further than The Midnight Library by Matt Haig and The […]

  • Friday Prayer

    July 1, 20221.7 min

    Dear God, I come to you today and ask for your grace when we think about being in the present moment and wanting to honor […]

  • Don’t Believe That Guy

    June 30, 20221.2 min

    Okay, we all have that guy, right? The one who shows up just as things begin to feel okay? The one who gets super pushy […]

  • What I’m Digging…Thank You Cards

    June 29, 20220.9 min

    Okay, I totally feel like this is a practice that has gone out of practice, but not out of style. My mom always taught me […]

  • 3 Pieces of Baggage to Unpack

    June 28, 20222.1 min

    When getting into a relationship, I’ve tended to move my baggage from person to person without giving myself time to heal. I don’t believe that […]

  • Interview with Lily Bamberger of Oak and Rose

    June 27, 20224.7 min

    Oak and Rose came on my radar as a new, high quality subscription box, but when I sat down with founder, Lily Bamberger, I learned […]

  • Friday Prayer

    June 24, 20222.2 min

    Dear God, Thank you for supporting us through another week. We are so grateful for your light and your love. I just read a quote […]

  • Pray Like You

    June 23, 20222 min

    I used to think there was one prescribed way to pray and if you didn’t do it that way, well you shouldn’t do it at […]

  • What I’m Digging…Movie Days!

    June 22, 20221.7 min

    Okay, ya’ll this is such a different post for me, but I am really enjoying movies these days especially because I’ve stopped watching as much […]

  • What People Will Say

    June 21, 20225.5 min

    Some people will get mad at you for not being who they want you to be. One of the biggest forms of self-betrayal is living […]

  • Interviewing Jessica Brentham from In Jessica’s House

    June 20, 20223.2 min

    I met Jessica literally by scrolling through my Instagram newsfeed and what a gift the algorithm can actually be! Jessica is the creative mind and […]

  • The Summer Place and The Power of Favor

    June 19, 20221 min

    I loved both of these books for different reasons! Highly recommend adding them to your summer reading list. I thoroughly enjoy any novel by Jennifer […]

  • Friday Prayer

    June 17, 20221.3 min

    Dear God, We come to you with a week’s worth of fear, exhaustion, joy, happiness, relief, and every other emotion. We ask that you bring […]

  • Is God Listening?

    June 16, 20222.7 min

    I saw this quote on Instagram last weekend: We can whisper prayers as we wash the dishes. We can focus our mind on God’s goodness […]

  • I’m Digging…Mix & Match Handmade Bracelets

    June 15, 20220.9 min

    I am really excited about sharing these beautiful and super summery bracelets handmade Hannah H. Simpson. Her jewelry business is called, Cocos and they have […]

  • Do These 4 Things Post-Breakup

    June 14, 20221.8 min

    Okay, so there is obviously a lot of emotional sh*t that goes down post-breakup, but what we don’t think of often is all that other […]

  • Interviewing Cara Cochran

    June 13, 20226.7 min

    Haley Sherif: Why did you start caras_atl?  Cara Cochran: Well, I was actually convinced by my partner, Cara W, to start sharing my story, and […]

  • Book Review: A Thriller & A Romance

    June 12, 20223.1 min

    First up, I’m reviewing The Favor by Nora Murphy. I felt super lucky to be gifted a copy from Minotaur Books and it made for […]

  • Friday Prayer

    June 10, 20221.9 min

    You stand for love, Lord and you do not want anyone to feel like they do not belong.

  • I’m Digging…Rainbows

    June 8, 20222.9 min

    When I buy a rainbow, I want to know that it isn't just an adhesive interchangeable with July 4th and Christmas.

  • Notes From a Bad Back

    June 7, 20227.2 min

    But, how many times do we post things on social media, but not share the whole story? How many times do we say, "but you don't really know what's going on beyond that square, that feed, that 30 second video?"

  • Interviewing Ginelle Testa

    June 6, 20224.1 min

    I got through it alive, though, and now my mental health has been stable for years. I now know the value of rest & boundaries and I implement both regularly.

  • Book Review: Believe It by Jamie Kern Lima

    June 5, 20223 min

    I don’t know how to accurately convey where my heart is tonight. I spent months and months and months in the most pain and anguish I had ever experienced. All I had for those months was God and a strong faith that I was going to get to the other side. I stayed stuck for way too. I ignored the people who cared about me in my life.

  • Haley’s 10 Rules Based On What I Know Now

    June 2, 20221 min

    This post is inspired by Lysa TerKeurst’s 20 Rules for Lysa Based on What I Know Now which she posted on her Instagram stories. You […]

  • What I’m Digging…Thrifting!

    June 1, 20225.1 min

    Ya'll know that the item has the same tag whether you buy it at a fancy name brand store or at one with blue and yellow tags, right?!

  • A Day in My Life

    May 31, 20226.8 min

    Did you know it takes only 30 days to establish a habit? What's super cool is, it's never too late to pick a few things up and start being way more intentional about your time (goodbye doom-scrolling).

    We all need escapes, but I've been trying to be a lot more conscious about how my escapes are fueling me.

  • Memorial Day Monday: Shop Small

    May 30, 20221.2 min

    Happy Monday and Happy Memorial Day! I am sure you have seen a ton of Monday sales and woohoo on getting the best deal especially on some key staples, however when I shop sales and/or in general, I really try to focus on spending my money quality vs. quantity.

  • Talking to a Boss

    May 26, 20225 min

    Countless women have reached out to tell me about the compliments they have received wearing my jewelry. I believe that we all deserve to be seen and heard. It’s such a great feeling knowing my jewelry is doing that for women. These are the elements that keep the motivation coming strong!