What I’m Digging…Lavender

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How do you feel about lavender? I remember the first time I smelled lavender and how addictive that scent was for me. It quickly become my favorite scent! I love a lavender candle (one of which I am burning right now as I write this), dried lavender makes for a lovely home accessory, and lavender essential oils have helped me sleep better.

Lavender is particularly perfect for a night of self-care, gifts for a loved one, or to keep on hand for, one-of-those-days (you know the ones!). Fun fact: lavender is actually scientifically proven to make you sleep better! Indulge in these price-friendly items below:

  1. Lavender Soy Candle 9oz by Vegan Candle Company
  2. Dr. Teal’s Exfoliate & Renew Lavender Epsom Body Scrub
  3. Notebook Medium (A5), Hardcover

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