Friday Prayer

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Dear God,

I come to you today and ask for your grace when we think about being in the present moment and wanting to honor ourselves as much as our work.

At times it can be really difficult to strike a balance and we might have trouble negotiating all that there is to do, but when we have that passion how do we know if we are doing enough or too much?

Lord, I ask that you take some time to provide us with clarity around overworking.

What is enough?

When we have projects on our plate and an opportunity to do more, do we always do it?

What about fun and play?

I ask that you provide us with some clarity because we know that You are a hardworking Lord, but that you also know that healing must be done during times of support and serenity which cannot always be found during periods of heavy working.

We also know that you created a day of rest during the week for a reason. I ask that you give us time to rest when we do not give ourselves that time.

Maybe, it is in the form of gifting us a bunch of creative ideas and giving us the energy to fire them off and then break. Maybe, it is in the form of a babysitter, so that we can step away from the kids or a partner that provides us the space for “me time.” Maybe, it is carving out a routine in the morning away from the noise of being plugged in and the same in the evening.

Being present is a gift because when we are present we notice the details that often get lost amidst the juggle. Allow us to break down this moment and take in each piece as you might do with a new baby, a new growth on a plant, or a wonderful page of Your words.


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