Interviewing Jessica Brentham from In Jessica’s House

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All photos are courtesy of Jessica!

I met Jessica literally by scrolling through my Instagram newsfeed and what a gift the algorithm can actually be! Jessica is the creative mind and maker behind, In Jessica’s House, a hand-cut wood small business she juggles between working full-time and raising two boys. Whether you need a customized gift or themed tiered tray accessories, Jessica has you covered.

Haley Sherif: Where do you get your inspiration?

Jessica Brentham: I get my inspiration in many ways from things I see, to things that just pop in my head, to a suggestion from my husband or mom, to a customer asking me if I can make a specific item.  

HS: Who is encouraging you?

JB: Everyone in my circle inspires me.  My husband, kids, family, friends.  They are all my biggest cheerleaders. 

HS: Why did you feel there was a need for the creation of In Jessica’s House?

JB:I don’t feel there was necessarily a “need’ for In Jessica’s House, but my love for home décor inspired me to start my account and I wanted to share it with others.  I started to add/share some small items I hand-crafted and my home décor page grew into a small business.  

HS: What about your business do you love?

JB: I love creating beautiful things and I love sharing them.  I have also met some of the most amazing people. 

HS: What do you do on a daily basis?

JB: My small business started as a hobby since I also work a full-time job at an oil and gas company. So, daily I work a full-time job. I am also a wife and a mom to two little boys (5 and 7), so they are my first priority when I get home. I have had A LOT of late nights and busy weekends fulfilling orders. 

HS: What would you hope for the future for your business?

JB: I hope to one day be able to be home more with my boys.  It would be amazing if I would be able to create a business that my sons would be able to own one day.  Those are my dreams.  To work for no one but myself. 

HS: What is your motivation to work your business every day?

JB: To create a better life for me and my family. 

HS: What was the hardest obstacle you over came in your business?

JB: My hardest obstacle I am still trying to overcome is work/life balance.  

HS: What do you hope to teach your boys?

JB: I hope to teach them about hard work and perseverance and to never give up on a dream.  

Those are my dreams.  To work for no one but myself. 

Jessica Brentham

HS: How do your boys inspire you?

JB: They inspire me by wanting to give THEM a better life.  

HS: What is a dream you still hope to accomplish?

JB: I would love to have a shop built in my backyard where I can host crafting classes and maybe even have a small store-front.  

HS: Favorite client story?

JB: I don’t have just one.  I can only say I have met some of the BEST people who continually support my business.  

HS: Favorite splurge? How do you self-care?

JB: I am really bad at this, but trying to get better! I enjoy riding my Peloton and doing fun things with my boys. 

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