The Summer Place and The Power of Favor

Last Updated: November 24, 2023By 1 min readCategories: Book Reviews

I loved both of these books for different reasons! Highly recommend adding them to your summer reading list.

I thoroughly enjoy any novel by Jennifer Weiner, but The Summer Place truly was a five star read for me! I especially loved the moments from the house’s perspective! You’ll fall in love with this Covid/post-Covid family dynamic with lots of love, life, and literary moments of “oh boy!” 💙 I also love that it feels relatable while giving you just enough must-keep-reading drama. The afterward is worth a read to put the story in context further.

I love Joel Osteen books as a reminder to BELIEVE a little deeper. He really makes you think about what he’s saying, he repeats main points, and shares anecdotes that give me chills. I loved my second read of his, The Power of Favor – it was longer than the first, but challenged me differently! I always shy away from having faith when times are hard and this book reminded me that first I need hope, then I need faith that I’m in favor of Him. 💙💜

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