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Okay, I totally feel like this is a practice that has gone out of practice, but not out of style. My mom always taught me to write thank you cards and honestly this is a practice that I will continue no matter how old I get. I think we get so used to texting or emailing that we forget what goes into taking the time to write out a card, address it, and put it in the mail. Whenever I have done that for someone, I almost always get a heartfelt thanks, though for me I honestly love just doing it anyway. Writing a thank you card is an act of gratitude we can practice after an interview, when given a gift, or just because. When we practice gratitude, we are reminded what really matters–connecting with others and appreciating their time and energy.

Write a thank you card to someone today just because!

Here are a few thank you cards that would be great to have on hand all from small businesses.

  1. Prince and Percy
  2. Twigs Paper
  3. Yellow Fish

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