Friday Prayer

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Dear God,

Thank you for always providing. When we read the Bible, we know that you have written a book for us and that you have made us promises which you will always make good on. Sometimes, it is hard to see that those promises are at work in our lives.

Lord, I ask that you present a solution to a problem in our life, so that we may see you working in our life.

We know that, like a check undeposited, unless we commit to our faith, that is build our relationship to you, your word can often just be text in a book instead of an animated promise.

We ask that you bring us a moment of realization in the form of a solution, so that we may be reminded that you are always listening and that our faith lays right behind our fear. That if we only put down our fear for long enough, we may feel relieved of our burdens and less lonely.

I ask that you grant those who could use a miracle, a miracle so that their belief continues to strengthen. May they pass on their wealth once they are blessed and bless others by doing so.

God, you create the cycle by which we are all connected. We disrupt this cycle via greed, but we ask that you relieve of us the need for more and gift us the peace of mind that comes from being present in our lives and grateful for what we do have. We ask that you help us make room for less of me and more of you!

In Jesus’ name, amen!

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