• It Can Be Scary Too

    February 1, 20241 min

    I wanted to come on here and write a new post because it has been awhile. I think in my own way, I’ve been scared […]

  • How To Motivate & Stay Sane

    October 9, 20230.5 min

    Okay, like there is just so much to do in the day. Sometimes I truly wonder where the time goes. I often feel like if I don't squeeze every minute out of the day than I am doing something very wrong, but the truth is...I'm not.

  • Putting On My Face

    July 12, 20223 min

    There’s nothing quite like feeling that particular positivity that comes from catching your reflection in just the right light. You think: who is she? I […]

  • How Grocery Shopping With $25 Changed My Narrative On Finances

    July 5, 20224.7 min
  • 3 Pieces of Baggage to Unpack

    June 28, 20222.1 min

    When getting into a relationship, I’ve tended to move my baggage from person to person without giving myself time to heal. I don’t believe that […]

  • What People Will Say

    June 21, 20225.5 min

    Some people will get mad at you for not being who they want you to be. One of the biggest forms of self-betrayal is living […]

  • Do These 4 Things Post-Breakup

    June 14, 20221.8 min

    Okay, so there is obviously a lot of emotional sh*t that goes down post-breakup, but what we don’t think of often is all that other […]

  • Notes From a Bad Back

    June 7, 20227.2 min

    But, how many times do we post things on social media, but not share the whole story? How many times do we say, "but you don't really know what's going on beyond that square, that feed, that 30 second video?"

  • A Day in My Life

    May 31, 20226.8 min

    Did you know it takes only 30 days to establish a habit? What's super cool is, it's never too late to pick a few things up and start being way more intentional about your time (goodbye doom-scrolling).

    We all need escapes, but I've been trying to be a lot more conscious about how my escapes are fueling me.

  • Launch Time!

    May 30, 20222.1 min

    I'm not worried about what happened last week or what happens for the rest of the week. I'm just H E R E! And, today is extra special because I'm here with you.

  • Dig-In: What I Am & What I Want to Be

    May 24, 20225 min

    We don't always see what we need to see, but oftentimes we don't even try to go back to look. Sometimes, it's painful. Sometimes, "we just want to move on." Sometimes, we don't have the time, or the money, or the energy, or the guidance, or the self-awareness to even know what we are looking at.