The New Bed Frame

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Ya’ll do you ever think about the energy attached to certain items? I am fairly aware of the energetic exchange between people, but oftentimes I forget that the items we surround ourselves with can have a negative or positive impact on us.

Take for example, my bed frame.

My bed frame has been broken for 6 months.

For 6 months every time I sit or lie down it creeks.

Each time I hear a creek, I’m transported back to a negative relationship and my energy comes crashing down.

I’ve had nightmares.

I’ve been unable to sleep.

Yet, I put off getting a new bed frame until my girlfriend made the suggestion–maybe, completely new sheets would help?

Maybe a mattress pad would feel cozy?

Maybe fixing what’s literally broken would help me feel a certain degree of closure?


It took 4 days for my frame to arrive and 5 minutes to put it together, but dragging the old frame to the trash room gave me a priceless feeling–I felt stronger and more determined than ever to leave my past behind me and embrace a present that doesn’t creek, but cares.

This is just a small reminder, that if you’re struggling with something, take the time to make an easy fix–it may seem small, it may seem wasteful, it may even seem disconnected from the core trauma, but I guarantee that one small movement forward will start putting what’s behind you to bed for good.

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