Haley’s 10 Rules Based On What I Know Now

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This post is inspired by Lysa TerKeurst’s 20 Rules for Lysa Based on What I Know Now which she posted on her Instagram stories.

  1. You were always completely more than enough.
  2. God was always with you even when you didn’t know it.
  3. Take a deep breath before you say anything. It is okay to take your time.
  4. Recognize what makes you feel good. Recognize what makes you feel bad. Obtain the first, eliminate the second.
  5. There is a plan. You may not know it all yet. Good.
  6. If you can be extra-kind do it. Don’t cut corners when it comes to kindness.
  7. Use your word to bring hope and light to others. Don’t use your word to bring pain and darkness. If you do, apologize only after you have prayed. Asking for forgiveness shouldn’t be cheap.
  8. #1 God. #2 Partner. #3 Everything else.
  9. When you say thanks, continue to be grateful for those things you don’t have, but one day hope to have. Breathe them into existence every single day.
  10. Don’t ever leave yourself again. For anything.

What is one of your rules? Comment one below and I will be gifting a Devotional to one of you, friends!

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  1. Meta June 2, 2022 at 12:28 pm - Reply

    I love the idea of giving thanks for things you don’t even have (yet).

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