• Biting Into Jannica Mundy’s Cookie Business

    May 13, 20248.2 min

    Haley Sherif: Introduce yourself: Jannica Mundy: Hi, I am Jannica Mundy and the face behind, Jannica’s Cookies and Flourish Events and Retreats. I am a […]

  • On Writing: With Author Remica Bingham-Risher

    March 5, 20244.2 min

    Introduce yourself: My name is Remica Bingham-Risher. I’m a poet and memoirist who lives in Norfolk, Virginia with my husband and kids and grandbaby who […]

  • Instagram Crash Course, Thrifty Style, & More With Mama Katie Haller

    February 27, 20248.9 min

    Hi all! I am back with a wonderful interview: a stylish mama of two shares her secrets for success on Instagram and how she defines […]

  • Let’s Eat: Talking Food With Iowa Foodie Girl, Holly Duenas

    December 9, 20233.6 min

    I started my foodie page just this past Spring! I had a couple of good friends tell me I should start a page for awhile […]

  • Spinning the Wheel with Jennifer Fujimoto

    October 17, 20235.4 min

    Thank you so much for the invitation to share a little about myself and my work, Haley! My name is Jennifer Fujimoto and I make whimsical ceramic art and functional decor inspired by Japanese folk art. 

  • Unwinding With Author Lisa May Bennett

    October 10, 20235.7 min

    What did the beginning of your final steps into sobriety look like? I had been thinking about my relationship with alcohol for a couple years. […]

  • Fall In Love With Romance Writer, Ashley Weston

    October 6, 20235.9 min

    I have learned a lot about the true meaning of love. And you cannot truly love someone deeply without loving yourself first.

  • Talking Shop with Des Moines Store Owner, Chloe Bratvold

    September 25, 20231.6 min

    What’s the origin story with Preloved Luxe? I have always purchased second hand for myself since I can remember especially designer handbags! I love a good deal, but […]

  • Small Business Owner, The Boho Vase’s Maria Wagoner, Shares Her Story

    September 20, 20235.3 min

    I create all day long. My mind never stops going. I will create at the store when I'm here & make the arrangements or redo store displays. I also have my painting area at home, so in my free time I will paint vases there too!

  • Interview with Lily Bamberger of Oak and Rose

    June 27, 20224.7 min

    Oak and Rose came on my radar as a new, high quality subscription box, but when I sat down with founder, Lily Bamberger, I learned […]

  • Interviewing Jessica Brentham from In Jessica’s House

    June 20, 20223.2 min

    I met Jessica literally by scrolling through my Instagram newsfeed and what a gift the algorithm can actually be! Jessica is the creative mind and […]

  • Interviewing Cara Cochran

    June 13, 20226.7 min

    Haley Sherif: Why did you start caras_atl?  Cara Cochran: Well, I was actually convinced by my partner, Cara W, to start sharing my story, and […]

  • Interviewing Ginelle Testa

    June 6, 20224.1 min

    I got through it alive, though, and now my mental health has been stable for years. I now know the value of rest & boundaries and I implement both regularly.

  • Talking to a Boss

    May 26, 20225 min

    Countless women have reached out to tell me about the compliments they have received wearing my jewelry. I believe that we all deserve to be seen and heard. It’s such a great feeling knowing my jewelry is doing that for women. These are the elements that keep the motivation coming strong!