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PC: Olivia Behind the Camera

Haley Sherif: Why did you start caras_atl

Cara Cochran: Well, I was actually convinced by my partner, Cara W, to start sharing my story, and my journey online. I love to write, and I wanted to find a space to do so, but I didn’t want to make a commitment to a blog really, so she recommended I utilize Instagram as a space to really get my thoughts out there. So it just started as me sharing little bits about myself, and my family, and now it has grown to the platform it is today, and I am just truly amazed and humbled all at the same time! 

HS: What is your motivation to share on social media every day? 

CC: REPRESENTATION!!! That is absolutely the reason at the core for every single post, every single ad and every single word I share with the world! We have never had enough, and honestly I don’t know if there will ever be enough, but I’m just here to do my part, and leave my rainbow mark in this world! Growing up, I had next to zero representation for someone that looked like me that was Queer! At best we had Ellen, and Rosie, but I didn’t really fit into their box! Now, not only do you get the femme lesbian aspect, but you also get coming out later in life, which is a whole other aspect of representation in and of itself!! All of it is just so important, and that is truly the basis of everything I share online! Just putting it all out there so that someone else can feel seen, and less alone!! 

HS: What was the hardest obstacle you over came in posting?

CC: Having to navigate through the hate that’s still out there in this world! I know we say it’s 2022, but you’d be surprised how many people still live in the 1960’s and beyond!! It’s wild how angry, and upset some folks can get just by seeing a photo of a two mom family! It really makes you take a step back, and realize we really do still have a long way to go. I have a lot thicker skin now, than when I first started, but I won’t lie, some comments still get to me just on the sheer fact that I can’t believe there is still so much homophobia out there in this world! 

HS: What do you hope to teach your daughter?

CS: Gosh, so many things! I hope to teach her acceptance, inclusivity and just LOVE!! Love others, love herself, and know that love is should be equal for everyone! I hope to teach her strength, and to use her voice to stand up for herself, and for others!! I hope to teach her about her culture, and how beautiful she is a Black girl, and one day will be as a Black woman! I hope she realizes how much of an impact just one person can make when they decide to stand for something, and that she will be that strong advocate for herself, and so many others that come across her path! I have so many hopes for her, and already she amazes me everyday by how incredible she is! 

HS: How does your daughter inspire you?

CC: In so many ways!! The wisdom that pours out of her every single day just completely blows me away! I was never that in tune with myself, or the world at 9 years old! She is so aware, so determined and really just such a kind, sensitive soul. She wants to help people, to encourage people and really cares about making a difference in this world. She soaks it all in like a sponge, and then releases some of the most insightful, thought provoking words and advice that I am literally just floored by all the time! I really do believe she is going to do great things in this world! 

HS: What is a way you like to give back?

CC: Well, I used to love to volunteer more, but Covid has put some regulations on that lol! So, now I donate to different charities and organization a lot! We give back to our local animal shelters, to Black companies and Queer companies that are truly providing help towards grass root organizations, and we make sure to do our part when it’s needed around the world. When there is a crisis, and an organization that is going in to help others… we support them! I never list out any organization to donate to on my platform that I haven’t donated to myself. So, whether that’s Georgia/Florida Equality against the, “Don’t Say Gay Bill”, relief for Ukraine, or even donations to organizations like Family Equality or The Trevor Project I have donated to every single one, and you’ll never find a time where I share such places and links on my page where I haven’t already made a contribution myself.

HS: What is a dream you still hope to accomplish?

CC: Whew.. this is a hard one. Honestly, I have more goals and aspirations for my daughter than I do for myself. Anything I hope to gain, and rise up to is only to offer her a better opportunity to create change, and take up space more than I did! My dream would be to give her all that she desires as far as goals and dreams herself, and then provide an avenue of help to do so! That’s a big part of what I hope my platform does for her, is open up doors that might not have been available without this exposure! 

PC: Cara

HS: Favorite social media story/interaction?

CC: Meeting some of my best friends online! I have so many connections that I have built over the years, and it has been amazing to cultivate these extremely special relationships with these other Queer people! To have folks that think like you, understand like you and legitimately walk in the same kind of shoes you do is really just one of the best things that has come out of this online presence! From someone that used to never have not even one queer friend, to someone now that is so submerged in everything Queer all day everyday… it is the best feeling to literally be living through that representation and visibility!! One of the best aspects of this space, and our little corner of the internet! 

HS: Favorite splurge? 

CC: COFFEE MUGS!!! Hahaha! If you know my page at all, you know I am OBSESSED with coffee mugs!! I don’t even know how many I have anymore, but I love them all, and they all mean something special to me!! I’m known as the mug influencer for sure!! Lol!!

HS: How do you self-care?

CC: I self care by getting my nails done, giving myself space and time to just do absolutely nothing some days, and by doing the things I love! I love SUP boarding, singing and travel! Travel has been a big part of my goal for this year since we have been limited on some places over the past few years, so that’s one thing I have really been allowing myself to indulge in this year is just getting out there and seeing the world! 

HS: Any final words?

CC: Just thank you for opening up this space, and allowing these words to be seen, and heard! As a Queer woman there are a lot of times we are silenced, so I just want to thank you for giving me this opportunity, and seeing something of value in me! It truly means more than you will ever know! :)

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