• Feeding Myself

    February 6, 20240.6 min

    A few months ago, these words came to me from God & ever since then they have stuck around and resonated. My guilt doesn’t feed […]

  • Guest Post: Creativity in the Christian Life by Hannah Rowen Fry

    January 9, 20242.8 min

    When you think about spiritual disciplines, what comes to mind? For me, the actions of prayer and solitude, and the feelings of obligation and piety […]

  • A New Blog, A New Month, & A New Prayer

    December 1, 20231.1 min
  • There is Vulnerability In Here

    September 15, 20232.5 min

    We seek to make a home, perfected by adjusted shams, color-coded books, and extravagant placement of items because if everything appears just so, then maybe we will to.

  • Friday Prayer

    July 22, 20221.3 min

      “I do not understand the mystery of grace–only that it meets us where we are and does not leave us where it found us.”  […]

  • On Target

    July 21, 20220.8 min

    Today’s blog is a short one and something I first started thinking about last week. I want to do shorter posts on here that will […]

  • The Mantra Hack

    July 19, 20221.6 min

    Ya’ll I am so excited to share this hack with ya’ll! When I think about it, it’s less of a hack and more of something […]

  • Friday Prayer

    July 15, 20221.1 min

    Dear God, We come to you and we ask you to really remove any doubt from the minds of those who are struggling to just […]

  • Faith Without Works Is Dead

    July 14, 20221.8 min

    Do you know this saying from the rooms of AA? I do! It just came to me this morning though when I was thinking about […]

  • Friday Prayer

    July 8, 20221.4 min

    Dear God, Thank you for always providing. When we read the Bible, we know that you have written a book for us and that you […]

  • The New Bed Frame

    July 7, 20221.3 min

    Ya’ll do you ever think about the energy attached to certain items? I am fairly aware of the energetic exchange between people, but oftentimes I […]

  • Friday Prayer

    July 1, 20221.7 min

    Dear God, I come to you today and ask for your grace when we think about being in the present moment and wanting to honor […]

  • Don’t Believe That Guy

    June 30, 20221.2 min

    Okay, we all have that guy, right? The one who shows up just as things begin to feel okay? The one who gets super pushy […]

  • Friday Prayer

    June 24, 20222.2 min

    Dear God, Thank you for supporting us through another week. We are so grateful for your light and your love. I just read a quote […]

  • Pray Like You

    June 23, 20222 min

    I used to think there was one prescribed way to pray and if you didn’t do it that way, well you shouldn’t do it at […]

  • Friday Prayer

    June 17, 20221.3 min

    Dear God, We come to you with a week’s worth of fear, exhaustion, joy, happiness, relief, and every other emotion. We ask that you bring […]

  • Is God Listening?

    June 16, 20222.7 min

    I saw this quote on Instagram last weekend: We can whisper prayers as we wash the dishes. We can focus our mind on God’s goodness […]

  • Friday Prayer

    June 10, 20221.9 min

    You stand for love, Lord and you do not want anyone to feel like they do not belong.

  • The Open-Wound

    June 9, 20225.5 min

    Ever hear that saying, the only way out is through? The only way we get to a similar place to that woman from my meeting is through being intentional about how we come at life.

  • Friday Prayer

    June 3, 20222.1 min

    There is nothing on this Earth that you do not watch over and knows exists. You can fathom our pain, but you cannot prevent it.

  • Haley’s 10 Rules Based On What I Know Now

    June 2, 20221 min

    This post is inspired by Lysa TerKeurst’s 20 Rules for Lysa Based on What I Know Now which she posted on her Instagram stories. You […]

  • Friday Prayer

    May 26, 20221.7 min

    When we can see your acts of grace in between the next to do, when we look up instead of look down, we hold you as number one.

  • Here’s the Thing About Faith

    May 25, 20225.3 min

    On my hardest nights I’d pinch the inside of my palm and I’d think to myself: I don’t know how, but you’ll do this. My tattoos are my external armor—one even says, “I don’t know how to do this, but something inside me does,” (a quote from my friend Lauren McKowen), but my gut is my internal armor.