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Okay, ya’ll this is such a different post for me, but I am really enjoying movies these days especially because I’ve stopped watching as much TV. There was a time, well, actually, there were years where I had to have the TV on to sleep. Watching TV in bed was as much a part of my routine as brushing my teeth. I also used to always have something on when eating which is a habit I am so grateful to have broken. I would never go back to watching shows while eating especially if I’m with my partner–that’s quality time that gets interrupted and/or pacified when in front of a screen. Recently, I’ve actually gone days without watching anything!

I have been watching more movies and that’s something I am getting a ton of pleasure out of because I think, like books, movies can be a great way to experience/explore creativity, travel, hear different types of stories and meet interesting people, and, well, sometimes to just invoke in ourselves deep belly laughs and/or the *feels*.

Are you a crier when it comes to movies? I definitely I am!

Secondhand Lions
Hello My Name Is Doris
Someone Great
To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before
St. Vincent
The Wrong Missy
The Week Of

I wanted to share a few movies that I have really been enjoying. A few I’ve actually watched multiple times and each time it feels like I’m visiting a friend while others I have watched at the same time as my girlfriend — a really fun virtual date! I would love to hear what you have been watching and/or if these movies are also loved and enjoyed by you. By the way, I’ve found movies are a fun thing to have on in the background if I’m just answering emails or drafting blogs–I welcome the noise and don’t mind splitting my time between screens unless of course I’m on a date!

*You can watch all on Netflix except the first which is on Amazon

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