Friday Prayer

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This is the United Parish Church, my local church in Brookline!

Dear God,

I close my eyes and I imagine you casting your beautiful life over us all. I know life can be oh so hard and oh so soft and you are there for it all. Thank you so much for what you do for us. Thank you for not giving up on us ever. Thank you for standing by our sides through all of the times of trial and error. We are so grateful for your loving embrace. We love you.

Lord, I ask that you specifically give those who may feel completely alone hope. This is a month of pride and yet we know that some don’t have the support or love they deserve this month. I ask that if someone is in an abusive relationship that you give them a special hope and that you allow them to do what they need to do to leave. I ask that you give extra love to those who are not loved for who they are, but who are hated. I ask that love continue to win as I know it is your will.

I am so grateful that you have created so many beautiful human beings. We are not all perfect because you created us as all different in your beautiful way–you did not want us to all be the same.

I ask that you remind those who may be feeling that they cannot be who they are that you love them no matter what. As Glennon Doyle says,

God is not church. Church is not God.”

Love is God. You stand for love, Lord and you do not want anyone to feel like they do not belong. We ask that you remind those who feel like they do not belong that they are in fact a part of your wonderful family and that we will love them until the end of time and beyond. Please bring kindness to those who speak from a place of fear. Please do not allow their words to pierce the hearts of all of those who know who they are at their core and also, all of those who are still coming into who they are.

In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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