Jennifer Weiner Tackles The #MeToo Movement

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That Summer, by Jennifer Weiner, is at once a novel of desire, growing-up, damage, and the power of speaking-up. This is easily one of my favorite stories by her. Though the #MeToo Movement started in 2006, but the power of women coming forward with their stories is incredibly timely. In a world that often abides by the “forgive and forget (emphasis on forget)” we are taught to not hold those who hurt us accountable especially after a certain period of time. Jennifer Weiner challenges the notion of what is “enough” when it comes to healing, time, moving-on, and confrontation. As a woman who has dealt with sexual assault, I’ve spent years trying to discern how to heal without confronting the person who did this to me—keeping tabs, writing about it, therapy, etc. this book—especially the ending—reminded me that my story is mine to own and, however I move on is exactly right for me. The interlaced mentions of food, history, and the Cape made for a nourishing read which left me eager for the “what happens next.” 💚

My new sheets are from Belk and 100% mine! I needed a refresh to finally have closure from a negative relationship.

I love good books, good sheets, and good summer evenings! 

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