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I’ve always been super fascinated whenever I see “days in the life” on Instagram or even just read about someone’s habits and routines.

Did you know it takes around 30 days to establish a habit? What’s super cool is, it’s never too late to pick a few things up and start being way more intentional about your time (goodbye doom-scrolling).

We all need escapes, but I’ve been trying to be a lot more conscious about how my escapes are fueling me. While I loved binge-watching Netflix and flicking through Instagram stories I realized that my mental-health was starting to drain and my intuition was checking-out at a much quicker rate. I actually cancelled my Netflix subscription, so I am down to 0 paid subscription services which is not too bad for someone who HAD to have the TV on when she went to bed for YEARS.

I’m not perfect, but rather always a work in progress over here! This is what a day in my life looks like:

The first thing I normally do when I wake-up is text my girlfriend good morning! I’ll normally check my email and respond to any text messages and/or DM’s.

I keep this list on my phone in the Notes app and try to check it off as I do these MUST DO tasks for me. My to-do list is on top of it.

Next, I open up my work laptop (I have two–one for my part-time office gig and one for my personal projects/blogging), and reply to any urgent emails/take care of really any projects that I don’t want to wait on. I work in the education field as an office coordinator, so I tend to get lots of responses to things after 5pm!

Yup, I do have a twin bed! I live in a super tiny studio, but it is perfect for me!

Typically, at this point, I’m ready to make myself a cup of coffee in my favorite polkadot mug (this is the exact same one, but $19 on Poshmark). Yes, I am that person who has a bunch of mugs, but uses the same one every single day. I have a single-serve Keurig and it’s worked super well for me because I’m a one-cuppa-day girl (believe it or not). While the coffee is pouring, I make my bed. Making my bed is the #1 routine I do not ever fail to do. I swear for you bed-making-haters out there it may just give you that extra jolt you need. You will feel better, more together, and like winding down/getting into bed is just a better experience.

About two weeks ago, I started a permanent morning reading and scripture routine. I’ve had TONS of rituals for years, but none that I truly stick with and/or make me feel as if I can really set my day in a positive way. Here is my stack of books!

I write in my gratitude journal (the blue book) and Jesus Calling (a dated daily devotional). The other three I read. The little purple book Lisa Fletcher recommended and I speak devotions over anyone who I need to pray for (including myself). I will just open the book at random and try to write the date above or below the quote I choose. I am not in recovery, however Celebrate Recovery is an incredible program that anyone can attend/follow and this book is life changing! It’s about Jesus, recovery, anxiety, positive outlooks, etc. Highly highly would suggest purchasing.

I read a personal development and/or novel in the evenings. PD books are so good to help me continue to pursue and define my WHY. Novels just make my heart flutter. You can see my current read over on the right hand side of this page. As far as novels on my TBR I have, Hello Summer by Mary Kay Andrews and The Lies That Bind by Emily Griffin.

Typically I only eat 2-3 times a day. Yes, I know I know, but I want to be super transparent about my day and not just say I do something because it might look better or healthier. I am a salad fiend to the point that my dentist asked me if I normally eat green things because my molars were stained (fun!). My favorite salad is:

I will also order poke a few times a week and/or toast sourdough and add mozzarella, tomato, prosciutto, and olive oil and vinegar! So tasty! For dinner, I’m a fresh pasta girl, frozen/fresh Trader Joes meals (those enchiladas are so good as are their Indian dishes) and/or takeout though I try to limit my ordering in.

I typically work up to 5 hours a day, (sometimes more depending on the day), for my office job. I always take breaks to sit in the sunshine (even if it is just by my open window), drink water, take a hot shower, and/or call my girlfriend. I’m someone who tends to sit down and bang through my work really quickly. I am not a procrastinator about anything, but the dentist. Recently, it has felt so good to get my office work done efficiently, so I can use the rest of the daylight hours to work over here!

Having flexibility in my schedule totally allowed for this project to take flight and the original idea to even spark. Working from home has definitely been a mixed-bag of emotion, though. I tend to not be able to turn-off. I’m trying to be better about setting a shut-down time when I can’t get back on my laptop and/or inbox and have to stay off of Instagram, (which I use both for fun and for my blog as well as my volunteer work). I’d love any tips and tricks you might have about shutting off and tuning in while your head is still buzzing with ideas and to-do’s!

By 9:30pm, I try to have a cup of peppermint tea which helps me calm down and with digestion. I brush my teeth, wash my face, and moisturize. Nothing fancy in that regard. I am a drugstore gal through and through. I mean if it works why change it, right?! I will read, do the NYT mini crossword, and, if I’m still awake, do Wordle at midnight. I’m usually videoing with my girlfriend for the better part of the night (long-distance means a lot of phone-time because that’s what we have). I’ve been sleeping so much better sans TV and that added noise.

OK! That’s my day in the life. It was fun to think about what I do in a day and maybe you and I share parts of our day and/or certain routines and rituals. Here comes the good stuff…I’m giving away a gratitude journal + cuppa coffee/tea to one of you! All you need to do is comment by clicking the comment button at the top of this post and give my blog a follow if you haven’t already (right below). Thank you for reading and joining me for some FUN launch week content and giveaways!

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  1. Erin Kane May 31, 2022 at 10:29 am - Reply

    Love this! I have a morning routine (which includes making my bed!) that helps me jump start my day: meditation, morning reading, cup of green tea. It makes me feel accomplished by 7am and that good feeling motivates me to write. I have restrictions on work stuff but not my creativity. I do it whenever the muse strikes.

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