Do These 4 Things Post-Breakup

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Okay, so there is obviously a lot of emotional sh*t that goes down post-breakup, but what we don’t think of often is all that other stuff.

Clearing their stuff? Cleaning the air? Changing your passcodes and credit card numbers? Taking them off Netflix? Blocking them on social media? How often do you not do one of these things and then their show pops up in your Netflix, you realize that t-shirt was actually their gym top, and oh, darn, they used your credit card on their car insurance?!

If I had to bet, it isn’t just me who’s had to learn these checkpoints as I go, but since we are all friends here, I wanted to share them with you, too.

Watch this post-breakup dance scene and then let’s get to it:

  • Go through your drawers, closet, and bookshelf. Anything that was theirs needs to either be donated, trashed, and/or returned to them. If it’s the third option, ask a friend to help, leave it in your lobby, don’t use it as a reason to reunite.

  • Ever paid a bill for your ex? Ever hit “saved” to your card? You are better off changing your debit and credit card numbers right away. If you did save your card, you can contact the company and with very little information still confirm your card is removed.

  • Go through your social media channels and block them.

  • Light some sage, burn a candle, and fill your fridge with your favorite food! Reclaim your space as much as you can.

Breaking up is never easy, but leaving breadcrumbs of reminders can make life and your emotions a lot harder and heavier. This is really a form of self-care. You are setting boundaries, protecting yourself, and protecting your family.

When you start with a clean slate, you make room for yourself again and open the door to someone else (even if you aren’t quite there yet).

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