• My February Think Pink Book Stack

    February 6, 20240.4 min

    What are you reading this month? This is what’s on my (mostly) pink and red book stack! I don’t usually read pink and red books […]

  • Gratitude in 2024 Using “The Way of Gratitude” by Hannah Rowen Fry

    January 4, 20242.5 min

    Gratitude is really the cornerstone of live when you think about it. Being grateful helps me get out of my own way, my own head, […]

  • In Conversation With Graphic Artists Darrin Bell and Elodie Durand

    September 27, 20233.1 min

    This afternoon, I attended a virtual reading as part of the Six Bridges Book Festival with writers and graphic artists, Darrin Bell and Elodie Durand. […]

  • Interview With Author of “Our Place On The Island” Erika Marks

    July 10, 20235.7 min

    I’ve always wanted to write a novel set around a wedding—but what if the bride was a beloved, widowed matriarch and her groom was someone the gossips were calling “the one who got away” fifty years earlier? How would her daughter feel about that? What about her granddaughter?

  • Nantucket + A Family Drama

    July 17, 20222.5 min

    I am loving these last two books! When it comes to 28 Summers by Elin Hilderbrand let me tell you a little something about this […]

  • Jennifer Weiner Tackles The #MeToo Movement

    July 10, 20221.1 min

    That Summer, by Jennifer Weiner, is at once a novel of desire, growing-up, damage, and the power of speaking-up. This is easily one of my […]

  • Two Travel Worthy Books!

    July 3, 20221.5 min

    If you’re looking for two books that would make the perfect travel companions look no further than The Midnight Library by Matt Haig and The […]

  • The Summer Place and The Power of Favor

    June 19, 20221 min

    I loved both of these books for different reasons! Highly recommend adding them to your summer reading list. I thoroughly enjoy any novel by Jennifer […]

  • Book Review: A Thriller & A Romance

    June 12, 20223.1 min

    First up, I’m reviewing The Favor by Nora Murphy. I felt super lucky to be gifted a copy from Minotaur Books and it made for […]

  • Book Review: Believe It by Jamie Kern Lima

    June 5, 20223 min

    I don’t know how to accurately convey where my heart is tonight. I spent months and months and months in the most pain and anguish I had ever experienced. All I had for those months was God and a strong faith that I was going to get to the other side. I stayed stuck for way too. I ignored the people who cared about me in my life.