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I love this design by Mila Joys!

It is PRIDE MONTH, ya’ll! I am definitely a lover of rainbows, however I do like to be somewhat choosy on what rainbows I incorporate into my home and wardrobe. In the month of June, companies tend to just slap a rainbow on everything because they know that will boost sales.

Do you know how the rainbow came to be the LGBTQ symbol? I didn’t, but this article is super informative!

When I buy a rainbow, I want to know that it isn’t just an adhesive interchangeable with July 4th and Christmas. This year, I am super stoked about supporting these small businesses in their beautiful rainbow creations not just for the month of June, but these are pieces I will have for years to come.

The different colors within the flag were meant to represent togetherness, since LGBT people come in all races, ages and genders, and rainbows are both natural and beautiful. 

History.com article

I’m a lesbian by the way! Maybe the title of this blog, Grace, God, and Getting makes this post a bit of a shock or maybe, it doesn’t! Either way, this is a safe space for everyone! It is super important for me to be transparent about who I am from the get go. I’m also faith-filled and lead my life according to God. Yup! Did you know you could do both? Yeah, me either.

I first came out to my best friend Michelle by the mailboxes in our dorm building. Yup! If you ever go visit the now-renovated Little Building (LB to us natives), you will see the scene of where it all changed. I actually then was super extra and came out in Your Magazine (one of the on-campus magazines I was involved with all 4-years of college. I actually graduated as the Creative Director).

Aww, baby gay me! How sweet! Heck if I had known all of the heartbreak to come…I would have still made all of the same choices of course, but man I wouldn’t change NOW with THEN.

Being a lesbian was hard for me because there were times where I felt “other” than when it came to both my family and friends though neither ever made me feel that way. I had a bias automatically towards them because it took me awhile (almost a decade) to be completely 100% confident in being myself and no one else. I tried on a lot of people before I grew back into the woman, partner, and lesbian I am now. I am not the least bit afraid to be who I am. I believe in love fiercely (it always wins). Rainbows are a big part of my life, but like everything else, I want them to have a genuine meaning to me.

Here are the rainbows I’m shopping and sporting this month and next and next…well, you get the idea!

  1. HRC’s “Everyone” Rainbow Zip Hoodie inspired by Genavieve!
  2. Signs By CC amazing hand painted Pride signs. I’m going to have her print, “love is love” on the bottom right. I’m gifting one to myself and one to my girlfriend. Also, Celia is the sweetest woman-owned small business.
  3. Myth & Magic LGBT candle–a small business out of NH and all the smell-good-things.

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