Friday Prayer

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Each Friday, I am dedicating space on my blog to a short talk with God. You can read this as a prayer, as a poem, as a shorter writing piece. You can substitute The Universe or Higher Power for God if that feels right to you.

Dear God

How do we want to show up today?

How do you want us to show up today?

When we race around from the next task to the next we often forget to find comfort in You and to appreciate ourselves for what we are doing.

This living thing isn’t easy because often there is so much more than just living: we have plants to water and toilet paper to buy and friends to love and pets to walk and parents to console and hard and joyful conversations to have in between commuting to and from work and checking the mail and scheduling a doctor’s appointment and ordering another book for the TBR.

But really when we break it down we need to find time to breathe new life into our everyday lives and that’s where our love for you comes in.

When we can see your acts of grace in between the next to do.

When we look up instead of look down.

When we take the extra few minutes with you in the morning.

When we make an active choice to align ourselves not despite what we balance, but because we know we can only show up with presence of mind, confidence, and devotion.

When we come from a place where you’re number one and everything else comes next. 

We allow our lives to blossom open in ways that we cannot fathom.

Lord, please let us walk through this weekend in rest and determination and love. Please console us, watch over us, and nudge us when we need to be nudged. Please send comfort and strength to all of those in need.


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