• Biting Into Jannica Mundy’s Cookie Business

    May 13, 20248.2 min

    Haley Sherif: Introduce yourself: Jannica Mundy: Hi, I am Jannica Mundy and the face behind, Jannica’s Cookies and Flourish Events and Retreats. I am a […]

  • Talking Shop with Des Moines Store Owner, Chloe Bratvold

    September 25, 20231.6 min

    What’s the origin story with Preloved Luxe? I have always purchased second hand for myself since I can remember especially designer handbags! I love a good deal, but […]

  • Small Business Owner, The Boho Vase’s Maria Wagoner, Shares Her Story

    September 20, 20235.3 min

    I create all day long. My mind never stops going. I will create at the store when I'm here & make the arrangements or redo store displays. I also have my painting area at home, so in my free time I will paint vases there too!

  • What I’m Digging…Lavender

    July 20, 20220.7 min

    How do you feel about lavender? I remember the first time I smelled lavender and how addictive that scent was for me. It quickly become […]

  • What I’m Digging…Thank You Cards

    June 29, 20220.9 min

    Okay, I totally feel like this is a practice that has gone out of practice, but not out of style. My mom always taught me […]

  • Interview with Lily Bamberger of Oak and Rose

    June 27, 20224.7 min

    Oak and Rose came on my radar as a new, high quality subscription box, but when I sat down with founder, Lily Bamberger, I learned […]

  • Interviewing Jessica Brentham from In Jessica’s House

    June 20, 20223.2 min

    I met Jessica literally by scrolling through my Instagram newsfeed and what a gift the algorithm can actually be! Jessica is the creative mind and […]

  • Memorial Day Monday: Shop Small

    May 30, 20221.2 min

    Happy Monday and Happy Memorial Day! I am sure you have seen a ton of Monday sales and woohoo on getting the best deal especially on some key staples, however when I shop sales and/or in general, I really try to focus on spending my money quality vs. quantity.

  • Talking to a Boss

    May 26, 20225 min

    Countless women have reached out to tell me about the compliments they have received wearing my jewelry. I believe that we all deserve to be seen and heard. It’s such a great feeling knowing my jewelry is doing that for women. These are the elements that keep the motivation coming strong!

  • Why I’m Digging….Blue!

    May 24, 20224.2 min

    Much like me standing at the ocean letting it take my problems, the minute the ocean was out of site my problems were at the forefront of my mind and the cycle began again. When I see blue I try to let my problems sort themselves out. I try to loosen my stronghold on what I think is working and accept what isn't.