• It Can Be Scary Too

    February 1, 20241 min

    I wanted to come on here and write a new post because it has been awhile. I think in my own way, I’ve been scared […]

  • Friday Prayer

    July 8, 20221.4 min

    Dear God, Thank you for always providing. When we read the Bible, we know that you have written a book for us and that you […]

  • The Open-Wound

    June 9, 20225.5 min

    Ever hear that saying, the only way out is through? The only way we get to a similar place to that woman from my meeting is through being intentional about how we come at life.

  • Notes From a Bad Back

    June 7, 20227.2 min

    But, how many times do we post things on social media, but not share the whole story? How many times do we say, "but you don't really know what's going on beyond that square, that feed, that 30 second video?"