• Biting Into Jannica Mundy’s Cookie Business

    May 13, 20248.2 min

    Haley Sherif: Introduce yourself: Jannica Mundy: Hi, I am Jannica Mundy and the face behind, Jannica’s Cookies and Flourish Events and Retreats. I am a […]

  • Let’s Eat: Talking Food With Iowa Foodie Girl, Holly Duenas

    December 9, 20233.6 min

    I started my foodie page just this past Spring! I had a couple of good friends tell me I should start a page for awhile […]

  • There is Vulnerability In Here

    September 15, 20232.5 min

    We seek to make a home, perfected by adjusted shams, color-coded books, and extravagant placement of items because if everything appears just so, then maybe we will to.

  • Interviewing Cara Cochran

    June 13, 20226.7 min

    Haley Sherif: Why did you start caras_atl?  Cara Cochran: Well, I was actually convinced by my partner, Cara W, to start sharing my story, and […]

  • Notes From a Bad Back

    June 7, 20227.2 min

    But, how many times do we post things on social media, but not share the whole story? How many times do we say, "but you don't really know what's going on beyond that square, that feed, that 30 second video?"