Instagram Crash Course, Thrifty Style, & More With Mama Katie Haller

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Hi all! I am back with a wonderful interview: a stylish mama of two shares her secrets for success on Instagram and how she defines her personal style.

Introduce yourself:

My name is Katie! I am a wife and a mom of 2 from southeastern Michigan. I am a former preschool teacher who turned my passion for putting together cute practical outfits into a full time business. 

How did you get started on Instagram?

I had started my blog first as a creative outlet. I shared everything from my daily work outfits, thrifting tips and even recipes. At the time, I had a personal Instagram account, but I didn’t feel comfortable sharing my fashion posts on my page. 

I spent most of my time on Pinterest so I didn’t even realize the whole Instagram world existed until 2 years into blogging. After seeing a friend who started a separate Instagram page for her blog, I realized that I could do that too. So, in April of 2016 I started my thriftywifehappylife page on Instagram. 

At first, I just used it as a place to promote my latest blog posts. But what I really loved about Instagram is that it was a place to connect with people. I found other girls who were sharing the same sort of content I was. 

As time has gone by, my Instagram page has grown to become my main platform for sharing content. I still blog regularly, but most of my content is through Instagram. 

Why do you think you’ve done so well on Instagram? What would you say to someone who is just getting started?

It took me a really long time to build an Instagram following. I sat under 10k for 5 years. I didn’t see any major growth until reels came along. 

I truly owe most of my growth success to reels. I was never that great at taking pictures and creating staged curated content for my Instagram feed, which for years is what the Instagram algorithm favored. When reels came out it allowed me to share content in an authentic way for me. I was about model clothes and show off outfits in a relatable way that I think resonated with a lot of women. 

If someone is just getting started on Instagram I would first tell them to not worry about the numbers. Focus on building a community rather than a following. Getting followers isn’t easy and it doesn’t happen over night. 

I would also say to not put all your eggs into one basket with Instagram. There are other social media platforms out there where you can share your content and build a following. 

And, lastly, if you’re serious about creating content then make sure you have a blog. With a blog you aren’t at the mercy of the algorithm. You can work on SEO and create content that is searchable and it will live on long term. I think sometimes people don’t want to put the work into blogging or they are intimidated by it so they just stick with Instagram and then find themselves frustrated when their content isn’t getting seen or they aren’t growing. With a blog you have so much more control over your success! 

What makes you want to create content? Where do you find inspiration?

I’ve always been a creative person, so creating content just comes naturally for me. As long as I can remember I have always loved playing with my clothes and putting together different outfits. It doesn’t take much for me to get inspired. 

Knowing that I am helping other women feel confident in their style makes me want to keep going! I love helping people and I know that we all can fall into a style rut. When you get in that rut it’s hard to find your way out. 

I believe that what you wear can play a big factor in how you feel about yourself. A great outfit helps make you more productive, it gives you confidence and overall it can help improve your mental health. I think everyone deserves to feel great about what they wear and that’s why I continue to put out content. 

Do you have a favorite post you’ve ever shared and/or outfit you’ve ever put together?

That’s a hard question to answer because I have a lot of favorite posts. I love my capsule wardrobe posts and my daily outfit posts. I also love going back and reading some of the posts I have written about my kids. I shared both of their birth stories and I also kept monthly baby updates when they were little. As my blog has grown I stopped sharing personal posts about my children, but I keep the ones up from when they were little because they are special to me. I love that I have the last 10 years of my life documented and I can look back on all the major milestones and also see what I was wearing. 

What is something or things that you always have on you?

My phone. I hate to say it but I am addicted to my phone. I’m also always taking pictures for my blog or just of my kids so my phone is something that’s hard to keep away from me. 

How do you hope to grow both online and offline this year?

I hope to grow a thicker skin both online and offline. I can be very sensitive and I have learn that if I want to succeed as an influencer I need to learn how to not let other people’s words and opinions get me down. The internet can be curl and I never know what is going to set someone off. I am getting better at letting most of the negative comments roll off me, but I still need to be better. 

At the end of the day I know me better than anyone else who thinks they know me from a 30 second clip. Their opinion doesn’t ever change what I think of myself. 

Do you have words that inspire you?

Mindset! When you focus your mind in the right direction you can accomplish so many things that you never thought were possible. 

What is on your nightstand right now?

Chapstick, phone charger and a sleeping eye mask. 

Do you like to read? Favorite book/author?

I don’t read often, because I don’t have time to sit and actually read, but I do love audiobooks because I can multitask while I listen. I like to listen to them when I workout or clean. I am on a roll with listening to memoirs. The last one I read was Hello Molly by Molly Shannon. I’m currently listening to Matthew Perry’s book Friends, Lovers and the Big Terrible Thing. 

What’s in your purse right now? 

Wallet, keys, chapstick, hand sanitizer, baby wipes, toys and snacks for my kids. 

If you were to describe your style in three words what would they be?

Classic, realistic, relatable 

What is your favorite season to dress for?

Spring and fall! I love the in between seasons because there are so many ways you can be creative with your outfits when the weather isn’t so extreme. 

Coffee or tea?

Coffee ☕️ 

Optimistic or realistic? 

Optimistic! The glass is always half full for me! 

Favorite binge-worthy show?

I don’t have much extra time to watch a lot of shows. But when I do find time to watch some TV the 3 current shows I will binge watch are: And Just Like That, Emily in Paris and The Crown. 

Favorite Instagram moment?

It wasn’t necessarily just an Instagram moment, but it was the moment I realized that my blog could actually be a business. I had bought a top at Target, I styled it 3 ways in a video and shared it on both Instagram and TikTok. My family and I were busy all weekend and I didn’t look at my phone for 2 days. When I finally opened my app I saw that I had all these new followers on both TikTok and Instagram. I thought my account had been hacked but when I looked through the people who were following me they were just the type of women I was look for. When I checked in on my sales for the post I had made over $500 from the one post. I told my husband and he said, “figure out how to keep doing that!”  

What is your process like for putting together a capsule wardrobe?

First, I break my wardrobe apart into categories. Tops, bottoms, dresses/ jumpsuits, layers, shoes and accessories. Then I brainstorm what pieces I want to include in each section. I usually do this as I make the collage on Canva. 

Once I know what pieces I want to use, I make sure I have them in my closet, sometimes I need to buy a few pieces if I have something in mind. Once I have everything, I spend a day taking pictures of all the outfits. This is a long process because I can get a lot of different looks out of my capsules. 

Once all the photos are done, I edit the pictures, load them into a blog post and start writing. The most time consuming part of the posts are searching for all the different items to include in the capsule. I always make sure that I have back up items incase things sell out or to offer different price points. I save all those links in a folder on my LTK. Adding all the affiliate links into the post is the final step. 

My capsules are the most time consuming posts that I share on my blog, but I have heard so many great things about how my capsules have helped so many women get dressed and feel confident in their outfits that it makes me so happy to share! 

What are you looking forward to thrifting sometime soon?

A pair of Mother jeans! I have heard great things about that brand and would really love to find a pair! They retail for over $200 so I’m hoping to find a pair in a more comfortable price point for me.

You can follow Katie on Instagram and on her blog.

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