• Biting Into Jannica Mundy’s Cookie Business

    May 13, 20248.2 min

    Haley Sherif: Introduce yourself: Jannica Mundy: Hi, I am Jannica Mundy and the face behind, Jannica’s Cookies and Flourish Events and Retreats. I am a […]

  • On Writing: With Author Remica Bingham-Risher

    March 5, 20244.2 min

    Introduce yourself: My name is Remica Bingham-Risher. I’m a poet and memoirist who lives in Norfolk, Virginia with my husband and kids and grandbaby who […]

  • Instagram Crash Course, Thrifty Style, & More With Mama Katie Haller

    February 27, 20248.9 min

    Hi all! I am back with a wonderful interview: a stylish mama of two shares her secrets for success on Instagram and how she defines […]

  • My February Think Pink Book Stack

    February 6, 20240.4 min

    What are you reading this month? This is what’s on my (mostly) pink and red book stack! I don’t usually read pink and red books […]

  • Feeding Myself

    February 6, 20240.6 min

    A few months ago, these words came to me from God & ever since then they have stuck around and resonated. My guilt doesn’t feed […]

  • It Can Be Scary Too

    February 1, 20241 min

    I wanted to come on here and write a new post because it has been awhile. I think in my own way, I’ve been scared […]

  • The Open-Wound

    June 9, 20225.5 min

    Ever hear that saying, the only way out is through? The only way we get to a similar place to that woman from my meeting is through being intentional about how we come at life.

  • Friday Prayer

    June 3, 20222.1 min

    There is nothing on this Earth that you do not watch over and knows exists. You can fathom our pain, but you cannot prevent it.

  • Launch Time!

    May 30, 20222.1 min

    I'm not worried about what happened last week or what happens for the rest of the week. I'm just H E R E! And, today is extra special because I'm here with you.

  • Friday Prayer

    May 26, 20221.7 min

    When we can see your acts of grace in between the next to do, when we look up instead of look down, we hold you as number one.

  • Here’s the Thing About Faith

    May 25, 20225.3 min

    On my hardest nights I’d pinch the inside of my palm and I’d think to myself: I don’t know how, but you’ll do this. My tattoos are my external armor—one even says, “I don’t know how to do this, but something inside me does,” (a quote from my friend Lauren McKowen), but my gut is my internal armor.

  • Why I’m Digging….Blue!

    May 24, 20224.2 min

    Much like me standing at the ocean letting it take my problems, the minute the ocean was out of site my problems were at the forefront of my mind and the cycle began again. When I see blue I try to let my problems sort themselves out. I try to loosen my stronghold on what I think is working and accept what isn't.

  • Dig-In: What I Am & What I Want to Be

    May 24, 20225 min

    We don't always see what we need to see, but oftentimes we don't even try to go back to look. Sometimes, it's painful. Sometimes, "we just want to move on." Sometimes, we don't have the time, or the money, or the energy, or the guidance, or the self-awareness to even know what we are looking at.