• Faith Without Works Is Dead

    July 14, 20221.8 min

    Do you know this saying from the rooms of AA? I do! It just came to me this morning though when I was thinking about […]

  • I’m Digging…Self-Care

    July 13, 20221.6 min

      Self-care is not the absence of someone else. When you’re in a long-distance relationship it’s easy to feel like you always want to be […]

  • Putting On My Face

    July 12, 20223 min

    There’s nothing quite like feeling that particular positivity that comes from catching your reflection in just the right light. You think: who is she? I […]

  • How Grocery Shopping With $25 Changed My Narrative On Finances

    July 5, 20224.7 min
  • Friday Prayer

    June 24, 20222.2 min

    Dear God, Thank you for supporting us through another week. We are so grateful for your light and your love. I just read a quote […]